Should you visit a local independent tyre fitting centre or a national main dealer? With winter almost here and the rain starting to fall, it’s the time when many people think about their tyres and how safe they are. It’s important to have a Tyre Safety Check to highlight any issues you may have with your tyres. You may also be wondering if winter tyres or all season tyres might be a good idea at this time of year. However, whatever you need doing regarding your tyres; you will need to visit a tyre service centre. In the latest article form K&M Tyres, we look at why going to your local small independent tyre fitter could make a lot of sense.

  • Independent advice – no contracts with a major brand
  • Exceptional customer service – friendly and caring
  • Specialist, experienced fitters
  • Reliability and convenience
  • Sometimes cheaper and more cost effective
  • Good for the local economy

Independent Advice

Often with a smaller garage, you will find that they are not locked into contracts with particular tyre manufacturers. This means any advice is impartial and won’t be tailored to a particular tyre make or type. You will know that you are getting the most suitable tyres for your vehicle. And if those tyres aren’t in stock, they can be ordered.

Excellent Customer Service

In a nutshell, the independently owned tyre service centre wants your business and consequently offers exceptional levels of service. Combined with experience, this is a winning combination. They will be doing everything to keep you as a customer and build a long-term relationship. Often it comes naturally to offer a more personal approach along side a ‘happy to help’ attitude. You may find that you can consult directly with the tyre fitter to discuss your requirements.

Specialist and experienced tyre fitters 

You’ll find that experienced fitters at an independent service centre will be trained in all areas of tyre maintenance and repair. They will have an extensive knowledge of tyres. You’ll also find that they use the latest industry standard equipment. Good fitting of tyres cannot be overstated and with the right balancing you will get more wear out of your tyres.

Reliability and convenience at your local independent tyre fitting centre

Independent tyre fitters will work hard to establish a good reputation. This is because they are keen to not only get repeat business, but referrals as well. This makes them extremely reliable. Many independent tyre fitters are not in prime locations and therefore are easily accessed with parking not normally an issue.

Cost effective and excellent value

The independent may have lower overheads, which can be passed onto you. They will also have a range of tyres ranging from premium, mid-range and budget. This means you can choose what suits your budget. The choice of tyres available today is bigger than ever before and here expert advice is essential. The small independent is more likely to advise you honestly if your tyre/s can be repaired. This could be good news for your wallet.

Independent tyre fitting centre

Support your community by using local services

By using your small local independent tyre fitting garage, you will be helping to contribute to supporting the local community. This in turn offers jobs to local people. Small businesses are so important to the UK economy as a whole and never more so than at this current time. Buying local keeps 4 times the money in the economy compared to shopping at chains.

How K&M Tyres can help you stay safe on the road

A well-maintained set of tyres is vital for car safety. K&M Tyres encourages drivers to think about their tyre care and safety and offers a FREE tyre safety check. As a small independent and family-run tyre fitting service centre with 35 years in the business, we want to look after you. Our service centre is located on the Millbrook Industrial Estate opposite Plumbase in Crowborough, East Sussex has easy access and plenty of parking. You’ll meet Kirsty in reception and Mark in the service centre and other trained and experienced technicians. Why not call us on 01892 653131 or just pop in?